Equal plastic angle, external (radiused) angle and unequal plastic angle, in sizes from 6mm to 70mm, many colours, different lengths, and available on next day delivery for all corner protection purposes. A short video demonstrates the plastic angles in the range, which are mostly available in 30m packs.


Production runs of plastic angle, in very wide range of sizes in addition to the stock angle sizes. Plastic angle production turnaround is as little as 3 working days on 500m+ runs. Tooling is quick and relatively inexpensive to make, so the ideal size is easy to provide. Pricing of production runs generally provides a significant saving on the cost per metre compared to stock plastic angle.


Foam, Polyester and Hi-Mass self adhesive tape, for convenient installation of plastic angles on site. Available in 50m, 100m or 33m rolls, in a variety of widths, it can be purchased separately or applied in advance of despatch. A brief video shows the tapes on offer.


Our stock Angles and Double Sided Tape can now be bought through our online store, along with many other plastic extrusions and DIY products. Alternatively, you can still phone or email us using the details at the top of this page.

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